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A Call to All Volunteers!

Helping on a BCBA project is helping the Boulder Creek community!

There are several ongoing projects, some listed below, that you can be a part of.  Please read the brief descriptions and let us know how you can help!

Other ways you can help are with grant writing, volunteering at events, and more!

EV Stations

The BCBA is working with community members and organizations as well as government officials to bring EV Stations to Boulder Creek.

As Big Basin State Park opens to more and more visitors, Boulder Creek will have increased tourist traffic flowing through town.  The BCBA is working on several ways to prepare for this influx and is excited to have EV Stations on the list of projects that will appeal to travelers.  If you look at a map of EV stations in the area, you will find there are no convenient places to charge an electric car for many who would be traveling through Boulder Creek.  If you are a resident of Boulder Creek, you have experience with this!

We have already started the process of researching options for installation. 

Congress passed a bill in 2022 to help fund projects like this one and we are hard at work trying to secure some of that funding!

Would you like to help make it happen?

"A movement of community changemakers"

See below for ways to donate

Every dollar received is put back into town revitalization

By Mail

PO Box 611 

Boulder Creek, CA 95006


Make a tax deductible donation‏.


Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.


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