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Town Beautification Project Completed

Driving through the southern end of downtown Boulder Creek, you've seen a sign across from the Scarborough Lumberyard for several years that has on it messages to the community. This town sign, owned by the Boulder Creek Business Association, has served to get information to passersby about upcoming events, holiday greetings and even an occasional birthday wish.

Over the years, the sign began to show its age. The letters started to break and many needed to be taped to the backing in order to stay in place. The glue from that tape left residue on the backing that accumulated dirt and grime, leaving it looking splotchy. This residue was unable to be removed without further damaging the backing. The runners that the letters sit in had become warped and bent in many places. The metal frame became rusted. Weeds would grow to heights that would block the lower portion of the sign preventing the message from being read.

In 2022, the BCBA decided it was time to use a portion of monies donated by the community to the Town Beautification Fund to giving the Town Sign a makeover. We at the BCBA are always looking to collaborate with other organizations and community members who would also like to volunteer on a project that will benefit the town. The Town Sign makeover was a perfect opportunity to do so. We collaborated with Eagle Scout candidate, Hank Buckholdt, and Mardeen Gordon, a professional sign maker at SignAge and ArtWorks (

Hank and his crew of volunteers used sustainable mulching practices known as "sheet mulching" with recycled cardboard and natural materials in the surrounding area that will deter weed growth. They also primed and painted the frame. The time management, gathering of materials, and overall project management were all elements necessary for Hank to achieve his wings. He also worked closely with Mardeen who re-faced the backing of each side of the sign and gave Hank expert guidance for his parts of the renovation. All of this hard work and a few sets of new letters have left the Town Sign looking brand new!

The BCBA is determined to use funds donated by the community wisely and in ways that will support the businesses and benefit the community as a whole. Communication is a key element to success. The Town Sign has proved to be a great method of communication. We are so grateful to Hank for his hard work, to Mardeen for her expertise, and to the donors that made this project possible.

The Town Sign can be rented on a weekly basis by contacting the BCBA at Those who are members of the BCBA at any level will receive a 25% discount on the cost of the sign for the duration of their membership. You can look into becoming a member on the by clicking here.


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